Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New York and New Jersey tour

Signing books at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Bronx at a Million Mom March/ New Yorkers Against Gun Violence victims dinner. It was a moving tear filled night. Lot's of amazing stories. I'm grateful for being invited to speak and be a part of such an important night.

Children all touched by gun violence.

Talking to a family about their loss, a family member killed by gun violence

Talking to another family of a gun violence victim.

In front of All Souls church in New York city where I spoke.

I spoke at a great bookstore in Clifton Park, NY owned by Robin Ringler. Carole Stiller, the New Jersey Million Mom March State President was my handler and publicist for the trip.

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  1. Man, do I wish I was there more than ever. I know that you touched many more lives with your presence and beautiful smile. Have I ever told you that I am in love with what Beyond the Bullet has brought into my life. I don't want to miss another trip:( I'm proud of you and proud to call you my friend